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T.R.O.Y (short for The Reality Of Yourself) is an American Rock band that formed late 2004 in the small town of Pleasant Hope MO. The original four members grew up and attended school together, creating a brotherhood bond between them and their fans. Today the band consists of Lead vocalist and guitarist Cord Bishop, bassist Kane Ransom, guitarist Kyle Girth, and drummer Erik Milan. T.R.O.Y’s moniker is inspired by the bands musical perception, and the notion that thought truly manifests reality.

Now currently residing in Springfield, Missouri, T.R.O.Y is a four-eyed musical monster spawned straight from the beating heart of America. Known for their unrelenting fans, gripping live performances, and a never-say-die attitude,  T.R.O.Y creates a metaphysical experience of the fourth kind! Their sound is unmistakably recognizable through the bands technique and identifiable through their meek personalities and humble origins. From intricate moments of soul crushing strength, to delicate flashes of divine crystalline clarity, T.R.O.Y will make you assume nothing… and question everything.

“We play for the fans,without them we are nothing, but through them we can share an impactful message that has the potential to change all of us.”

The band has released two studio albums to date, Effective Immediately and self-titled The Reality Of Yourself, and is known for their energetic songwriting style. T.R.O.Y has won several battle of the bands within the Midwest region including the 2015 Uproar Battle of the Bands presented by Ernie Ball.

TROY is currently writing and recording for their 4th studio release.




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