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End of 2020 Update

End of 2020 Update

Hey all, Cord here…
If you didn’t know, we love all of you so much! Our fans truly are our world, and we have really missed all of you this past year! Tbh, all we wanted for Christmas was to get new music out for ya, and we are kinda bummed that we couldn’t make it happen. 2020 has been a crazy year & tough on us, no lie. We had to rearrange some big plans just to survive it. But not to fret, because through the trials over the last several months we have been wrapping up an albums worth of new songs and material! Quietly, we put in a ton of work during the quarantine, but to be blunt there is a ton more to do so we can get this new tunage out to everyone. What I’m trying to say is I’ve got a lotta wheels to get greasin’ so I sure could use a hand. 🤘
Soooo with that in mind, can we get a show of hands… who’s ready for some new TROY?!
#LemmeKnow #loveyouall #TheRealityOfYourself






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