Late in the night where the shadows disappear

Pray for the light that leads you from your fears

‘Cause you can hear the call yea its deafening to your ears 

& now heavens lost


Wait in the dark where the echoes sear your mind

Hope for a heart that brings you back to life

Cause You felt the fire of a thousand suns burnin’ bright

&  now heavens gone.


Every night when I go to sleep

The shadows take control of me

I’ve been left alone out in the dark

I close my eyes but it haunts my dreams.

The Gallows grab ahold of me

Lord Heaven knows I’m in too deep.

The way you hypnotize me.

Weight of the wise that burns under your skin

Prey on the lies that feed the dark within

‘Cause everybodys got a price to pay for one last dance.

& now heavens gone


I fear this fires fadin’

Deep down my body’s breakin’

Dear god I need a haven

From two worlds that won’t awaken

I hope your heart is breakin’

Cause I hear our fathers prayin’

Dear god I need a haven

From Two Worlds that won’t awaken


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