End of 2020 Update

Hey all, Cord here…
If you didn’t know, we love all of you so much! Our fans truly are our world, and we have really missed all of you this past year! Tbh, all we wanted for Christmas was to get new music out for ya, and we are kinda bummed that we couldn’t make it happen. 2020 has been a crazy year & tough on us, no lie. We had to rearrange some big plans just to survive it. But not to fret, because through the trials over the last several months we have been wrapping up an albums worth of new songs and material! Quietly, we put in a ton of work during the quarantine, but to be blunt there is a ton more to do so we can get this new tunage out to everyone. What I’m trying to say is I’ve got a lotta wheels to get greasin’ so I sure could use a hand. 🤘
Soooo with that in mind, can we get a show of hands… who’s ready for some new TROY?!

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TROY rocks Uno Rios and the Legacy Vets 3 years runnin’

Texas bound. Land of longhorns, In & out Burger and ZZ Top.

This Trip was stellar for the TROY gang. This was ourthird year going down to Texas for the Weekend to hang with some amazing Vets from all around the United States. Uno Rios Bike rally and festival gave us the honor of rocking their stage, & hanging with all the vets and current members. All while keeping our bellys full.


Freedom truly does cost, and TROY owes so much of what we do to our service men and women.

Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, and battle rock would hence forth cease to exist.This was the biggest and baddest one yet…

With all that said, we can’t wait to be back next year with these amazing cats!

Thanks again Munro, Ringo, and the rest of the gang!

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We decided to do something a little different at rehearsal. Check out our rockin’ version of the Kansas City Chiefs chant- inspired by the loudest fans in the world & captured live at our studio rehearsal space. Be sure to give this video a like & smash the subscribe button on our channel.

Go Chiefs! 

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TROY at the Gen X show with BuckCherry, P.O.D. Alien Ant Farm & More!

Photo Cred: Lexi Miles/Ms. Miles Media

The Gen X show here in Springfield, Mo was like something out of a movie. Tons of new faces came out to see some great regional and national bands rock the outdoor fest into the night! We were ecstatic to share the stage with Buck Cherry and POD, two bands we have had the pleasure of playing with in the past!

We have nothing for but love for The POD squad, they bring it full blast live every time and know how to keep everyone into the show and music. Especially the little rockers! Our dear friends in The Many Colored Death and Paralandra crushed the stage, helping rep the rock vein of Midwest. Behind the scenes I had some awesome conversations with Dryden Mitchell from Alien Ant Farm about tracking Vocals at home, Rigs, and Recording with Jay Baumgardner. overall just a freakin’ great night!

Can’t wait to do it all again!


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New Year, New Music, Same Love

Cord Bishop of TROY

TROY Family Love 2018

It is an integral part of what we do to provide for our fans music and moments to feel moved by as we strive forward in our times. As we welcome the 2018 year, TROY is excited about many things. We have received many opportunities and many blessings since the release of our last ep “Two Worlds” and as we anticipate a release of our newest album in the 2018 year, we are reminded of the magic made possible by the loving support of our loyal fans. Our hearts lead us to play and our fires are fueled by the appreciation and love that we receive in return.

Cord Bishop and Erik Milan of TROY.

While finishing the newest upcoming album, we also prepare for the season of music festivals ahead, including our performance at Rocklahoma in Pryor, OK, and gain excitement in returning to see so many of our beloved fans. While not on tour we think of those we have made connections with, all of our fans and friends, and we anticipate seeing all of those folks once again!  TROY looks forward to touring in 2018 and celebrating what we do with those who make it possible for us with some fresh tasty jams. We appreciate all those who joined us last weekend on the 12th at The Riff in our hometown of Springfield MO. It was a great show to kick off the new year! We had a blast sharing the set list with so many who have supported us for so long. Stay posted for updates on the new album and tour dates where you can hear the new stuff!


Over and out for now, TROY nation. Keep on, rockin’ on!

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