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Music Insider Magazine Interviews Hard Rock Artist TROY
Music Insider Magazine features Rock Artist TROY in September 2014 Issue.

Music Insider Magazine Interviews Hard Rock Artist TROY

Music Insider Magazine interview with Cord Bishop


“They had the audience enthralled from the first song, and revved the crowd up through their entire performance; TROY had them already foaming at the mouth.”                                      

~ Brian Mckinny  – Music Insider Magazine ~

We had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman named Brian Mckinny early this year when we opened up a show with Pop Evil late February. He was a cool cat with a freaking passion for words and rock music… two of  my favorite things.  Brian is a writer and Senior Editor for Music Insider Magazine, and he was there that night to interview Leigh from Pop Evil. We enjoyed the show on and off stage that night, and it was great to meet such a guy out there doing things that still mattered to both fans and artists in the world of rock. We kicked him some CD’s for the ride back home.

We kept in touch over the next few months and as luck would have it, we got to see him again at our show With Nothing More in August.  He and I took a walk downtown and  had a long discussion on everything from TROY to the industry and back.


The guy knows his rock music, and it felt like we could have talked all night, but I was thankful for the 30 minute interview I got with him. Check out his write up here.


“…“Dead Man,” is a powerful and dynamic song that will just plain melt your face.”

~ Brian Mckinny – Music Insider Magazine ~

Picture of Music Insider Magazine and Interview by Brian McKinny with Rock Artist TROY

Music Insider Magazine has some great material out on the current rock scene and it was an honor to be interviewed.  Their blog keeps a fresh output of well-themed articles and story-lines. Check out more of what Brian and Music Insider MagazineTROY Facebook Announcement of Feature in Music Insider Magazine and interview by Brian McKinny. does at their blog and website.


We also want to give a big shout out to everyone who read and shared the story!

Awesome to have the support you guys give us day in and day out!




Again I want to thank Brian for everything he did for us, and we hope to hear more from him in the future!


Peace Out,

~ Cord –  T.R.O.Y ~





One response to “Music Insider Magazine Interviews Hard Rock Artist TROY”

  1. Brian McKinny Avatar

    Thanks for the kind words, Cord! I really enjoy your writing, and your band’s music/performance abilities are second to none. You guys take command of the stage whenever you step out there, and for me, that’s what it’s all about – playing great music and putting on an incredible show for the fans. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you and the band. You guys are truly a pleasure to watch, listen to, and hang out with, and I can’t wait to do it again real soon.

    I share your band’s music with people all the time, trying to spread the word and share the love. I will continue to do so, and hope that more and more people do the same, in order to get you guys where you need to be – out on a national tour, playing your music for the fans.


    Brian McKinny
    Sr. Editor/Writer, Music Insider Magazine

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