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The History Of TROY -National Radio Campaign

We have a huge opportunity ahead of us, but can’t achieve it alone     – Click the link to learn more and share with your friends!

It’s no joke that 2020 was one of the hardest years we have ever encountered. With the harsh effects of Covid on our friends, family and the industry, we too as a band suffered many set backs .  Nobody likes asking for help, but the honest truth is we need it right now.  We have been very fortunate as an independent band, but live shows came to a screeching halt last year, which was our bread and butter. We miss you all so much and care about your safety and health just as much as our own. However until the better days of festivals and rock shows fully returns, we must find a new way to release this music and support ourselves.

Via some well-established contacts, we have the chance to release our music on a larger scale, but we need your support. This band has always been about the fans and that is why we need your help now more than ever to release this new music!

We have already invested well over 10,000$ into this album out of our own personal pockets, and know there is farther to go on this journey to get it out to you!  Our fans have always meant the world to us, we lovingly call them “the boss” – and that is why we have conjured some magical exclusives for their dedication and support in this journey! Much of what we are going to accomplish takes time and that’s why we are trying to start immediately.

These exclusives can literally give you everything before it hits the airwaves, and give us the ability to connect and compete with top record label budgets across the nation.

We are confident that with your donation, we can make this next T.R.O.Y album the best one to date! This approach helps take away the pressure and time crunch of costly studios and ornery booking agents, while allowing more focus & energy on not only this upcoming album, but for future albums to come. We want to be able to bring our fans a steady stream of new material, new songs, acoustic performances, and great shows night after night.

Together, we share this experience and with the funds raised we are certain that we can:

·         Get some great new physical music and merch to all our super fans!

·         Release a vinyl record, singles, &  3 or more music videos

·         Drop a full-length album for you with award winning producers/engineers

·         Set up some tasty tours to come see you all!

·         Hit the airwaves with top notch promoters!

Check out the incentives below & please share with your friends, co-workers, local business owners, your grandma, and anyone you know to donate if possible. This is your chance to get in on the new album and become a part of T.R.O.Y history with us!


Donate $25 or more
•        A SIGNED physical copy of “new album”, a digital copy of the new album, one SIGNED poster

Donate $50 or more-
•        One new t-shirt design of your choice and size- Merch design 1 (NEW)

Donate $75 or more
•        Vinyl copy of the new album + a digital copy of the new album, one SIGNED poster

Donate $150 or more
•        Your name in the liner notes of the album as a sponsor, your name will be ingrained in T.R.O.Y history and mass distributed for all to see… FOREVER! + a SIGNED physical copy of “new album”, a digital copy of the new album, one SIGNED poster

Donate $250 or more
•        You and a friend will receive an invite to the album listening party in Springfield, MO + one free T.R.O.Y Hoodie + A SIGNED physical copy of “new album”, a digital copy of the new album, one SIGNED poster

Donate $400 or more
•        Eat breakfast and jam one on one with T.R.O.Y’s lead singer- Cord + receive an invite for you and one friend to the album listening party in Springfield, MO + Your name in the liner notes of the album as a sponsor, be a part of T.R.O.Y history! + a SIGNED physical copy of “new album” + a digital copy of the new album + one SIGNED poster

Donate $1000 or more (Limit 3)*
•        Backyard Acoustic BBQ- We’ll come to your house for a private acoustic show for you and up to 25 of your friends. Let’s have some BBQ, play a few songs and hang out! We’ll even bring you some cool SIGNED merch + ALL THE ABOVE!

Donate $3000 or more (Limit 3)
•        ALL OF THE ABOVE –  Backyard BBQ Acoustic + A LIFETIME SPOT on the guest list for any T.R.O.Y show for the rest of our career. Yes live music and shows will be back to full strength one day! We have performed shows with (BREAKING BENJAMIN, KORN, NOTHING MORE, SKILLET, SHAMANS HARVEST, AVATAR & more). You will be a T.R.O.Y guest FOR LIFE at any public concert!

If you wish to donate anonymously that is perfectly great! We would still love to fulfil the incentives from our end so sshoot us a private message if that’s the case!!

*distance may effect on this one, send us a message first if you are considering!

To all our fans and friends along the way,
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



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