Caught In The Fire

Caught in the Fire

Been here before like a runaway train,
Bury my face nobody knows my name,
But I can’t seem to shake what’s going down.
Call me pathetic and tell me I’m strange,
Kick me through the dirt Ill still laugh in your face
Cause I know all this shit is turned upside down.
It’s all been done before; this song is just one more

Caught in the fire of another mans soul left to die,
Such a burning desire; who knows what’s wrong from right?
So make a decision and open up your mind.
Breathe for the first time or else you will never know why you’re alive.

Seen my whole life flash before my eyes,
Stepped to the edge and nearly said goodbye
Something just can’t seem to let me leave

What’s inside of me, is inside of you.

If Descension is right, then you’ve got it all wrong.
Just see the Design, it’s burned inside your mind




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