Effective Immediately (Acoustic)

Effective Immediately (Acoustic)

Please tie this noose around my neck
Please take this life away from me
Cause I’d rather bury my whole world
Then let your shadow haunt me
As I try to catch my breath
Afraid that I’ll be left behind
Should I change what I’ve become?
Or should I close my eyes?

I will not, hold my tongue
I am not, your victim

I won’t wait for eternity
‘Cause your touch is killing me
So please just say goodbye


(Open your eyes)
I’ve tried to just be a friend
(See through your lies)
But love is unwilling to bend
(Swallow your cries)
Your hands are choking me
(Just say goodbye)
It’s getting harder to breathe

Please say it’s all just a stand.
But I know you won’t make amends.
Your place in my heart is torn out again,
But in the end, I win.



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