Martyr Of Deceit

Martyr of Deceit

As I stand on your empire of lies, I smile at your welcomed demise,
But I am plagued by your lack of remorse
(and inside this guilt still lives on)
But I…
I hold your small world in my hands,
and God help me you’ll lay with the damned.
Because now I’m in control.

You wont take it all, and I am not gonna catch you when your falling into everything that I am-
I’m holding this life in my hands now, & I am glad that it’s over.

Who were you to say goodbye?
I was waiting here all of my life,
Yeah, you had your chance,
(You were waiting for romance through love)
still you always hold on, always hold on so strong. But now I’ve let you go.

Martyr you can’t see
Blinded in deceit
Won’t practice your preach.
So now it’s over to me.




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