This Revolution

Burning in my mind

You know I think it’s got me feeling like we never had the time

This Absolution

Burning in my Soul

Gonna’ take me through this mine field rip me up and make me whole

But I gotta take it slow now

So I don’t lose my head

Keep crawling through this life with no wrong or right ya might wind up dead


Don’t jump in the fire if you ain’t ready to burn

Strike out like a liar each and every turn

Our time has come to stare into the eye of the sun

And pay for the damage done

It’s a Revolution.


Your contradictions

Are bleeding on us all

You better belly up before your so called Conscience kills us all

This Revelation

That chaos is control

If we don’t cut the cord there may be nothing left to break our fall


Please let go the pain is just fear

Please let go the end is near

I’ve been waiting for a chance to light this fire, watch the flames take this whole place higher and higher, yea I’ve been waiting for a way to change this world.


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