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Space Zebra Show and TROY streaming live

Space Zebra Show and TROY streaming live

We have started streaming with the Space Zebra show on twitch for a chance to play at Welcome to Rockville in Daytona Florida. This is crazy cool for so many reasons and we are pretty stoked to be a part of it all. The show absolutely slaps, and if we get selected we get to take a massive trip to Daytona Speedway.

Rockville features some artists we adore like Metallica, Fever333, Atreyu, and so many more. You can check out Danny Wimmer presents on twitch here and catch Space Zebra streaming every week. Help us out by voting! We put together a visual experience with our live performance all digital. its a brave new world out there & we are jumpin’ in the fire.


here is another cool write up on the impact Space Zebra is having not only on the Twitch community, but rocknroll in general. It helps all the dudes on the show are super chill.

Boys of TROY on Twitch with Space Zebra

All access Space Zebra Madness and stats







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